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How to integrate Teams Calling
How to integrate Teams Calling

Start automating the recording of your calls made with direct routing through Teams with BeeCastle's Teams calling integration

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At BeeCastle we understand the value of automation. By offering Microsoft 365 Integration, as well as Microsoft Teams calling integration, all communication with your network is automatically recorded in BeeCastle with no manual input required.

BeeCastle automatically allocates your Teams calls, emails and calendar events to the relevant contacts and companies so that all company and contact interactions are tracked in one place, in real-time.

Microsoft 365 integration is either available upon sign-up or easily switched on in Settings. To set up Teams calling integration, there are two key steps for your Azure AD admin….

  1. Getting your Active Directory Admin to approve access for BeeCastle to the relevant data/subscriptions

  2. Linking your Azure AD tenantID with your BeeCastle

Getting your Active Directory Admin to approve access for BeeCastle

Visit the following URL from Microsoft which will prompt you to provide permission. Once you have approved you will be taken back to BeeCastle with an error screen - you can ignore this.

Linking Azure AD tenantID with BeeCastle

Submit your AD tenant ID, which you can find in AD itself, in Settings. The directions to find your tenantID can be found here.

With the above complete, our tech support team will work in the background to setup the right subscriptions and integrate Teams calling with your BeeCastle.

Need Help?

If you need any assistance on the steps above, please reach out to your dedicated BeeCastle account manager. Alternatively, you can email or call 1300 233 227 to talk to a BeeCastle expert.

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