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BeeCastle and ConnectWise Integration FAQs
BeeCastle and ConnectWise Integration FAQs

Understanding the BeeCastle and ConnectWise integration

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I just want the instructions to setup the sync:

If you would like direct instructions to setup the sync, select one of the two articles below based on your ConnectWise instance:

What is the BeeCastle and ConnectWise Integration?

This integration is for MSPs who use ConnectWise as their primary database for companies, contacts and billing.

The integration involves setting up an API connection between BeeCastle & Connectwise so that you can get insights into your growth, whitespace and activity.

With this integration you can have visibility into your business while keeping ConnectWise as the source of truth.

What information from ConnectWise syncs with BeeCastle?

The sync is one-way (except for opportunity creation) meaning changes made to companies, contacts and invoices in ConnectWise appear in BeeCastle.
The initial sync works to complete the initial upload of:

  • Companies

  • Contacts

  • Reference tables like API Members, Product Sub-Categories

  • Invoices

  • Products

  • Agreements and additions

  • Time Entries

Any changes to companies, contacts, agreements, invoices, or time entries will then be updated in near real-time. This includes every time a company, contact, agreement, invoice, or time entry is:

  • created

  • edited

  • deleted

If enabled, you can also create opportunities from BeeCastle into ConnectWise.

What ConnectWise Company and Contacts fields sync with BeeCastle?

By default BeeCastle will import and sync the following fields and map them to corresponding fields in BeeCastle.

Company Fields

ConnectWise Field

BeeCastle Field

Company Name


Company Type


Company Address line 1 + Address line 2

Street Address

Company City


Company State







Website URL

Company Status








Phone Number


Contact Fields

ConnectWise Field

BeeCastle Field

First Name





Role Type

Communication Type = email


Communication Type = phone


Inactive Flag


I don't want every ConnectWise contact in BeeCastle - can I apply filters?

Yes you can! You might want to filter your ConnectWise contacts for a variety of reasons.

For example, you might only want your important contacts relating to your sales or account management processes visible in BeeCastle. To do this you could...

  • Include only contacts who are labelled 'decision makers' or 'influencers'

  • Exclude end-users

  • Exclude certain territories

If you would like to set up filter or mapping rules get in touch with your dedicated BeeCastle account manager. Alternatively you can email or call 1300 233 227 to talk to a BeeCastle expert.

I want to map my ConnectWise role types with BeeCastle role types

By default, BeeCastle will allocate any ConnectWise contact labelled as a Decision Maker to a 'Decision Maker' in BeeCastle. All other contacts will be allocated as 'Team Member' in BeeCastle.

If you would like to customise role type mapping for your ConnectWise contacts, get in touch with your dedicated BeeCastle account manager. Alternatively you can email or call 1300 233 227 to talk to a BeeCastle expert.

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