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Integrating BeeCastle with ConnectWise On-Premise
Integrating BeeCastle with ConnectWise On-Premise

6 steps to sync BeeCastle with your CW on-premise server

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This article will run you through the steps required to setup integration for organisations who use the on-premises version of ConnectWise (see here if you use ConnectWise Cloud). Once integrated, your BeeCastle companies & contacts will automatically sync with your ConnectWise companies & contacts.

Please note: You must have ConnectWise version 2016.5 or later for the integration to work. To find your integration version or to update, see this article from ConnectWise.

The integration setup requires you to do the following:

  1. Create a new security role for 'BeeCastle Integration'

  2. Create BeeCastle API member/keys

  3. Submit API Keys, hostname & IP address for connecting to the ConnectWise Manage API in Settings

  4. Whitelist inbound IP addresses

  5. Whitelist outbound URLs

  6. BeeCastle expert will be in touch

The above steps may require help from your ConnectWise and internal network administrators.

  1. Create a new security role for 'BeeCastle Integration' within ConnectWise

Before creating an API key within ConnectWise for the BeeCastle integration, you may want to follow the principal of 'Least Privilege' and create a new security role that provides BeeCastle access to only the required data & functionality.

To setup this new security role within ConnectWise:

  1. Go to Settings -> System - Security Roles

  2. Select 'Create new role' and name it bc-integration

  3. When setting up the role, you will need to provide the following permissions

    • Companies - Company Maintenance ➡️ Inquire = All

    • Companies - Contacts ➡️ Inquire = All

    • Companies - Team Members ➡️ Inquire = All

    • Finance - Agreements ➡️ Inquire = All

    • Finance - Billing View Time ➡️ Inquire = All

    • Finance -> Invoicing ➡️ Inquire= All

    • Procurement - Products ➡️ Inquire = All

    • Procurement -> Product Catalog ➡️ Inquire All

    • Project -> Project Headers ➡️ Inquire All

    • Sales - Opportunity ➡️ Inquire = All

    • Sales - Opportunity ➡️ Add = All

    • Sales - Sales Orders ➡️ Inquire = All

    • Service Desk - Service Tickets ➡️ Inquire = All

    • System - Table Setup ➡️ Inquire = All

    • System - My Company ➡️ Inquire = All

    • System - Member Maintenance ➡️ Inquire = All

    • System - Member Maintenance - Finance ➡️ Inquire = All

    • Time & Expense - Time Entry ➡️ Inquire = All

Once the new role is created, you can move on to creating the API Member & API Keys.

2. Create BeeCastle API member/keys

ConnectWise provides API access to BeeCastle through the creation of a user entity called 'API Member' and their API Keys. To create the API member and retrieve the API keys you will need to:

Log in to your ConnectWise account. Under System select Members.

Select API Members.

Click the + symbol to add a new API Member

Enter Member Information (e.g. BeeCastle Integration) including Member ID and Member Name. Ensure that the Role ID is set to bc-integration, which you setup earlier in step 1.

Once you have completed all the required fields click Save.

Once saved, go back into the API Members menu and select the API Member you just created. Then, click on API Keys. Click the + symbol to add a new API Key.

Provide a Description for the API Key (e.g. BeeCastle Integration) then click Save.

After saving, a Public Key and a Private Key will be displayed.

Make sure you make a note of the Private Key, as you will not be able to view it again.

3. Submit your API keys hostname & IP address for connecting to the ConnectWise Manage API in Settings

Now you have the API keys it's time to submit the information within BeeCastle.

Go to your BeeCastle Settings, select your ConnectWise instance type (On-Premise) and fill out the form including:

  • Your ConnectWise API hostname, which is used for external connections to your ConnectWise environment.

  • ConnectWise Company ID

  • Your Public API Key

  • Your Private API Key

Note: if you don't know your ConnectWise Company ID, you can find it by going to your ConnectWise Manage login page. It is the company name you use in the first field during login.

4. Update your firewall to allow direct access of our IP Address to your ConnectWise Server

Even if the integration is set up, your network settings may block the sync. Listed below are the DNS entries you need to provide access to BeeCastle for inbound connection:

  • IP: (connecting via HTTPS)

5. Update your firewall rules to allow outbound ConnectWise connection to BeeCastle

In your network configuration apply a rule that allows external connection to the following hostname:

  • HTTPS (port 443) >

6. BeeCastle expert will be in touch

Within 24 hours of submitting your integration request in settings, the BeeCastle team contact you to set up the integration and discuss any filter rules you want to apply.

If you need any assistance on the steps above, please reach out to your dedicated BeeCastle account manager. Alternatively you can email or call 1300 233 227 to talk to a BeeCastle expert.

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