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What are portfolio and importance?
What are portfolio and importance?
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BeeCastle believes in splitting contacts by Portfolio and Importance as key to organising your team’s business relationships, as well as helping prioritise relationships to focus on.

Spend some time thinking about how you structure your business relationships before importing contacts.

For levels of importance:

  • Who are your most important clients?

  • Do you typically split this by revenue or other strategic criteria?

  • How would I split them into platinum, gold, silver, bronze?

For portfolios:

  • What is the primary way you organise/split your clients?

  • Is it industry, region, type?

Once you have identified your key portfolios, you can add them as options in the settings menu by selecting ‘Portfolio’. Once saved, you will be able to allocate any new contact to one of these portfolio’s. Learn more about how to add and manage Portfolios.

Analyse & review your Companies

How do you use BeeCastle to answer the question; what is the status of my relationships? The Segments dashboard - accessible within the Web via the left sidebar! This dashboard gives you:

  • Visual groupings of your companies by their score/status - inactive, fair and healthy

  • Ability to change the companies you analyse based on the Segments you have created

  • A visual representation of your companies by score and the importance level

  • A set of data tables giving you an idea of the most active, least active & companies that are slipping away

  • You can filter all data on this page about your Companies by the portfolio they're in, their importance level, and interactions with them in certain time periods, to narrow down your analysis.

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