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How to add and manage Portfolios
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At BeeCastle, we value structure. By structuring your client networks, grouping and organising your business relationships becomes both easier and more powerful. Structuring helps prioritise and automatically assign influence so you can focus on the relationships that matter. BeeCastle requires users to sort companies into 'Portfolios'. 

When considering how you structure Portfolios, think about how you split your business relationships. A common approach is by type of relationship to you: customer, referrer, partners, investors etc. Alternatively, you could organise by region, industry or practice area. 

Where to access Portfolios

To access Portfolios:

  1. Go into ‘Settings’

  2. Select the ‘Company & Contact Config’ section in ‘Admin Settings’

  3. Select the 'Company' heading

  4. ‘Portfolio’ will be the first row under ‘Company’ 

Managing Portfolios

In Portfolio, you can manage your portfolios by adding and archiving/un-archiving properties. 

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