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How to filter and save Segments on your Company and Contact List
How to filter and save Segments on your Company and Contact List
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At BeeCastle, we value structure. By structuring your client networks, grouping and organising your business relationships becomes both easier and more powerful.

BeeCastle lets you sort, filter and create Segments of important groups of contacts & companies, so you can keep track of your key relationships.

  • For example, you could create a Segment of your key platinum clients so you can make sure they are all highly engaged.

  • Or, your partnership team could create a Segment for your partners in the USA, allowing them to constantly review which key partners need nurturing.

How to customise your company and contact list

When viewing your Companies or Contacts tables you can customise what is shown.

In particular you can:

To sort information on the table by ascending or descending numerical or alphabetical order, click the name of the column you want to sort your list by.

Filter the fields/columns by selecting the filter icon next to the name of the column or selecting 'filters' to the left of the table. The type of filtering depends on the type of column:

  • For number or date columns, you can filter by ranges

  • For text columns, you can filter by 'text' match

  • For columns with drop-down options, you can select and deselect which items you want to filter for

You can apply filters against any column in your list and have as many columns filtered as you want.

Change the order of the columns
By dragging the individual columns you can easily change the order of the table layout.

Show/hide columns
To show or hide any columns on your table: select 'columns' to left of the table, then select any columns you want to show and deselect the columns you want to hide.

Save Segments in Companies and Contacts

Once you have customised the filters, columns & sorting in a way that you like, you can save that list of companies or contacts as a 'Segment'. Saving a Segment allows you to view that custom list next time you return to your company or contact page.

What is a Segment?

A Segment is a group of your contacts or companies defined by rules (or filters) that you set. Segments are saved as tabs at the top of your Company or Contact list.

We recommend creating personal Segments which focus on how you review your relationships. For example, if you like to regularly review & engage with your platinum clients, you can filter your Contact list by importance, view a list of your platinum clients, and save that list as a Segment called 'Platinum Clients'.

Creating a Segment

  1. First you’ll need to setup filters, columns & sort order for the view you want to save in your Companies or Contacts tables (see directions above)

  2. At the top of the table, click ‘Add Segment

  3. Because you want to create a new Segment, select 'Create new Segment'

  4. From there, you'll be asked to give the Segment a name and whether you want it to be Private (only visible for you) or 'Shared with the team' . Choose share with team if you want someone else to be able to add this Segment to their table

  5. Your new Segment will now show up as a tab above the table

Removing & changing the order of Segments

You can change the order of you Segment tabs by dragging them left or right. The tab at the far left will be the tab that opens by default when you visit the Companies or Contacts page.

To remove a Segment, click the downward arrow button and select 'Remove'

Editing a Segment you made

To make changes to a Segment you have created

  1. Select the Segment you want to edit

  2. Change the filters, sort order or columns visible (see directions above)

  3. Click the 'Save Segment' button at the top right of the table and select 'Save Changes'

To change a Segment's name or privacy:

  1. Click the downward arrow button on the Segment you want to edit and select 'Edit'

  2. You can now change the name, or select 'Shared with My team' to share a private Segment with your team

  3. Click Save

Note: If you selected 'Shared with My team' your other team-members will have the option to add this Segment when they click 'Add Segment'.

What if I don't have all the information I need on my Contacts and Companies pages?

Each business is unique. The information you want about a company or contact is often not stored by default within BeeCastle. If you need additional fields/columns of information stored against your companies or contacts you can create 'custom fields'.

To create custom fields, go to 'Settings' and select ‘Company & Contact Config’. To learn more about creating custom fields check out this article.

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