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Adding Custom Fields

Add custom fields to personalise how you structure and organise your contacts and companies

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BeeCastle allows you to focus on the relationships that matter by bringing structure to your client network. In addition to structuring your contacts by portfolio and importance, and offering fields such as “Referrer”, we offer additional flexibility in creating your own Custom Fields.

Custom Fields are available as an additional way to filter add information about your clients. They can be applied to both companies and contacts and appear as columns on your Companies and Contacts page, and in the profile page of individual companies and contacts.

With our easy-to-add and manipulate custom fields, structuring and organising your clients is stronger than ever. 

Examples of Custom Fields: 

  • Interests

  • Previous role(s)

  • Revenue

  • Account Owner

  • Family members

To see how you can view and structure these custom fields, check out "How to filter and structure your companies and contacts"

How to add a Custom Field

  1. Enter Settings

  2. Select 'Company & Contact Fields' 

  3. Click '+ Add Field'

  4. The following details will open for you to fill out:

Types of custom fields

When adding a custom field, the options available for 'Field Type' are 'Text', 'Dropdown selection', 'Numeric' or 'User picker'.


You can fill in the field by typing. Text provides more flexibility in how you fill it in. e.g. interests

Use this option where you want to be able to select from distinct options. You can add these options by adding 'active values' to select from. e.g. regions, practice area or pipeline stage.


Selecting this field type will mean users can only type in numbers in that field. This is useful for custom fields such as revenue or amount of employees at a company, for example.

User picker

This type of custom field allows you to select from a dropdown list of your team members on BeeCastle, and assign them to a company or contact.

Filtering by custom field

You can filter your companies and contacts by your custom fields in the contact or company tables.

  1. To the left of the table, select the 'columns' icon

  2. Select and deselect the fields you would like to view or hide

  3. The custom field will appear as a column. You can drag and drop to re-order the columns, as well as make the columns wider and narrower.


The following table shows examples of the various features you can choose for your custom fields. The image of the profile page shows how those fields would appear in the profile page of an individual company or contact.

Profile Page

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