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Suggested contacts and manually adding contacts
Suggested contacts and manually adding contacts

Get started by start adding contacts without bulk upload

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Now that you have signed up to BeeCastle, let’s add some contacts! Having contacts is essential to tracking your relationships. We offer a bulk upload of contacts, however the bulk upload process requires some time and work. In the mean time, to get you started and playing around with the platform, here are a few other ways to starting adding contacts. 

Manually adding Contacts on the BeeCastle Website

You can add contacts individually one-by-one on the BeeCastle Website. 

Suggested Contacts on the BeeCastle Website

If you have integrated Office 365, we will suggest recent interactions as new contacts. These suggestions can be found in the Contacts page (see image below). Just select the contacts that you would like to add to BeeCastle by clicking the “Add Contact” button and follow the prompts by filling in details about their Name, Company, Role title and contact information. 

This Suggested Contacts feature is also great for once you have already bulk imported all your contacts and have new interactions with those not in your contacts! This is a great way for you to ensure that your contact list stays up to date and thorough.

Note that these Suggested Contacts may not appear immediately after you integrate Office 365 as it may take up to a few hours to sync with all your emails and calendars. 

Importing contacts on the BeeCastle App

Another easy way to add some contacts into the platform is through your iOS device. Just download the BeeCastle App, sign in and go to ‘Contacts’ (shown below). Here, the contacts in your phone will be suggested to you to import to the platform. Just click the ‘Import’ button and follow the prompts! 

Once you have imported the contacts from your phone and you no longer wish to have your personal contacts appear in the BeeCastle contacts list, just go to settings and turn off ‘Show iOS Contacts’. You can come back and turn this back on whenever you please.

Note that the BeeCastle App is currently only available on iOS devices, not Android devices (this is in the works and will be coming soon!).

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