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Downloading the BeeCastle App
Downloading the BeeCastle App

How to download the BeeCastle App on your iOS device

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BeeCastle is designed to integrate seamlessly into your day-to-day work activities. The logging and rating of interactions and note-taking features are made easily accessible with push notifications to prompt easy recording within a matter of seconds. To make this process even easier and more accessible, download the iOS App on your phone today so you can add ratings and notes to your interactions at the touch of a button.


Receive push notifications to quickly rate and review your interactions

Easily access and view your company relationships and history

The BeeCastle phone application is currently available on iOS devices only.

Signing up to BeeCastle on your iOS device

Please note that it is currently not possible to ‘Sign Up’ via the iOS App. Instead, you can sign up on the BeeCastle website.

Alternatively, if you are invited to join BeeCastle through a team member, you can accept this invitation via the iOS App. To learn more about inviting users, check out our help article

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