Updating Contact Role Types

How to synchronise role types for contacts from your PSA

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Utilising BeeCastle to manage and grow relationships with different types of contacts is one of the many way account managers benefit from BeeCastle's Relationship Keeper module.

Understanding the different "Role Types" is an important step in segmenting your contacts. For example, BeeCastle allows you to categorise your contacts into:

  • Decision Maker

  • Senior Influencer

  • Team Member

  • Other

Helpful Use Cases

Let's say you want to see "when was the last time we contacted all of the decision makers at platinum companies." You can see this here:

How To Set This Up

  • You need to set up these values in your PSA

  • Once you have these values setup in your PSA, you updated the contacts in your PSA (source of truth) and that will then flow through to BeeCastle

Instructions for each PSA are below


Out-of-the-box, BeeCastle has these values available on the Contact Profile


BeeCastle will synchronise the Contact types applied in ConnectWise Manage with the following BeeCastle Role Types

ConnectWise Type

BeeCastle Role Type


Senior Influencer


Senior Influencer

Decision Maker

Decision Maker

All Others

Team Member


Autotask does not natively support the concept of a "type" of contact. If you would like a custom mapping implemented please get in touch at help@beecastle.com


BeeCastle will map the "is important" flag against a user to role type Senior Influencer. All other users will be Team Members.

To set the "is important" flag in HaloPSA, navigate to the Users record, then the Permissions tab, then Edit. Check the checkbox down the bottom of the screen labelled "This User is an important contact" and save the record.

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