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Track Your Contracts in BeeCastle
Track Your Contracts in BeeCastle

Now you can see all of your contracts in BeeCastle and stay ahead of the game!

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Please note:

  • Currently only available for paid customers



As an Account Manager, there are many things you have to stay on top of to maintain strong relationships as well as achieving commercial outcomes. One of the important ones is to understand the status of all contracts with your accounts. Often this data can live in various systems or exists in a non user-friendly format. Now, BeeCastle displays your contract data from your PSA in a way that helps you see everything, so that, you can forward plan and stay ahead of the game.

How to Use

This section provides the details on how to use the key components of this feature, so that, you are able to gain the full value from reviewing your contracts.


You can find "Contract Tracker" under "Prospecting" as shown in the screenshot below.


The filters for this page default to:

  • Contract Status = "Active"

  • Expires Within = "Anytime"

This shows all the contracts. You can then adjust the filters to show specifically what you are looking for. As an example, you could select the "Contract Status = Active", to see just active contracts, as shown in the screenshot below

"Expires Within" relates to the "End Date" field. There following options are available, including, "Custom Date" at the bottom of this drop-down field.

Other standard BeeCastle filters include "All Accounts / Assigned Accounts" and "Filter List by company attributes"

Contracts List Table

This table of contract data has a similar user-interface as the other tables in BeeCastle. You can do the following:

  • Add or remove columns from the table using the "Columns" selector in purple on the left hand-side

  • Can filter on one or many columns using the "Filters" sidebar, for example, here the table is filtered only on "Platinum" tier companies

  • See the last 12 months agreement revenue for contracts (in this example, it is sorted highest to lowest)

  • You can also see the age of the contract, so that, make sure that you older agreements have the correct pricing. The "age" = TODAY minus the [start date] of the contract.

  • Please note: if your contract (agreement) does NOT have an end date, the "End Date" column will be blank.

  • You can also see your contracts expiring within the next:

    • Less than 3 months = red

    • From 3 months to 6 months = orange

    • 6 months or greater = green

Summary Tiles

You can now also see summary data for your contracts at a glance.

These tiles will also update based on your filters you have set, for example, if you want to see the totals for any of these filters, the numbers will update accordingly.

If you have any questions at all, please contact us from our "Get in Touch" page from our website here.

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