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Open Opportunities "Next Meeting" and "Stage" filter
Open Opportunities "Next Meeting" and "Stage" filter

Easily see at a glance the next meeting for an opportunity & 1-click pipeline by stage

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Please note:

  • Currently only available for paid customers



It is important for Account Management Leadership and Account Managers to be able to see at a glance, key information, so that they can make decisions in an efficient way. Two important data points when reviewing pipeline are when the next meeting is scheduled for an opportunity and also the ability to filter the pipeline by stage. Both of these use cases provide teams the ability to quickly get greater insights from the data to determine the actions required.

Next Meeting

Now, users can see for an Opportunity the "Last Meeting" and "Next Meeting."

Key points:

  • If there is not a next meeting scheduled in M365 (with the contact listed on the Opportunity) then this cell will be RED

  • If there is a meeting scheduled, the cell will show the relative time to that meeting (from today, e.g. "in 2 days") and be GREEN

Stage Filter

By selecting the stage filter, the following will happen:

  • The tiles with the summary numbers will change to the totals reflective of the filtered list

  • The results in the table will also be refined to the Opportunities which have that stage

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