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Create Opportunity from Open Opportunities
Create Opportunity from Open Opportunities

Create Opportunities in BeeCastle and Sync back to ConnectWise

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Please note:

  • Currently only available for ConnectWise customers

  • Currently only available for paid customers



As part of account management, teams are using Open Opportunities to review, discuss and decide on actions to move Opportunities forward through the pipeline. Sometimes, account managers will review the list and realise that they have not yet created an Opportunity or a discussion with team members will identify a new Opportunity that needs to be created. Now, you can do that straight from BeeCastle which will push the Opportunity automatically into ConnectWise.


The following video shows how to navigate to the new Create Opportunity button.

Steps to Complete

Here are the steps required to create an Opportunity from this screen:

  1. Select Company

  2. Create Opportunity

  3. Enter Details

  4. Save & Sync to ConnectWise

  5. Success!

The following video shows how to complete these steps.

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