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Sales Dashboard - How To Use Guide
Sales Dashboard - How To Use Guide

Learn how to leverage this helpful sales tool

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Please note:

  • Currently only available for ConnectWise customers

  • Available only for paid customers


  • Sales Dashboard focuses on a forward-looking pipeline of Opportunities closing within the next six months

  • If an Opportunity has a close date closing in the seventh month or later from this month (e.g. this month is January and the Opportunity close month is July), it will be excluded from the dashboard


Pipeline management is such an important process, that time needs to be spent focusing on how to increase the pipeline and closing opportunities instead of formatting excel spreadsheets. That's why we've made it easy for you, so you can focus on the important things.

The Sales Dashboard enables Account Managers and Executives to:

  • Improve sales performance through visualising the pipeline to better understand where to focus resources

  • Save time and increase team alignment by presenting easy to understand charts that allow all team members to quickly understand overall sales and everyone being "on the same page"

  • Enhance management decision making through managing the pipeline health.


You can find the Sales Dashboard from two locations:

  • Home Launchpad

  • Left-hand navigation panel under "Prospecting"

Assigned Accounts Filter

Assigned Accounts helps you see only your Accounts when you want to.

  • If you have set up Assigned Accounts, you will see if here on the Sales Dashboard

  • If you have selected that you do not have Assigned Accounts and want to see all accounts, you will then not see the Assigned Accounts filter and will see all Accounts by default.


The following video shows how you can use the filters to dynamically change the data in the Sales Dashboard. Filters include:

  • Tier

  • Portfolio

  • Territory

  • Account Manager

Opportunity Forecast Revenue by Stage

This dashboard component shows the pipeline of Opportunity Revenue grouped by the Opportunity Stage on the Y-Axis against the month that is closing (Close Date).

Opportunity Forecast Revenue by Tier

This video shows you the Dashboard component which helps you understand the breakdown of your pipeline by Tier. Let's take a look...

Top Opportunities

This dashboard component shows your top 10 opportunities by a selected closing timeframe:

  • This week

  • This month

  • This quarter (based on calendar quarters)

  • Next week

  • Next month

  • Next quarter (based on calendar quarters)

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