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Customer Tiering - Bulk & Single Company Updates
Customer Tiering - Bulk & Single Company Updates

This video shows you how to update the tier for companies in bulk or individually

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BeeCastle sets a company's tier (platinum, gold, silver, bronze) as part of the onboarding process. It is based on the revenue levels of the company. Please see this help article for more information.

It is not systematically updated after onboarding, due to the fact that many MSPs want to set this tier and have the company in that tier until such time their revenues significantly increase.

How to Change the Company Tier - Bulk Update Approach

There may be scenarios where you want to change many companies from one tier (gold) and to another tier (platinum). This could be for a variety of account management reasons:

  • They are now a strategic customer

  • Profitability has increased

  • Many more..

This video shows you how to update many accounts Tier:

Click Path to Follow > Companies > Table > Tier

How to Change 1 Company

This video shows you the two ways you can change the tier for one company at a time.

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