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Customer Profitability - Company Level
Customer Profitability - Company Level

How-to-use guide for profitability on company page

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Please note:

  • Currently only available for ConnectWise customers

  • Currently only available for paid customers

  • This is release v1.1 of profitability, company level cumulative graph and table will be available in future releases


You can navigate to the Company level gross profitability two ways

  • > Customer Engagement > Companies > Click on Company

  • > Profitability > Customer Profitability > Click on Company

Timeframe filter

You can view the gross profitability for an account by different time periods:

  • By Month

  • By Quarter

  • By Year

Cost Member Rate & Override

Similar to the Customer Profitability page, you can see the average cost member rate here to provide you some context on your labour costs.

By using the "override" field, you can model the impact on your profitability by entering a different cost rate. This will help you make better decisions about the profitability for this company.


The chart shows you:

  • Total Revenue (grey bar)

  • Costs (red bar)

  • Profit (blue line)

You can also see any specific data point:

> Hover over the chart > See the tool tip data point for the specific time period

The dotted line bar shows for a time-period that is not yet complete.

Table & CSV Export

The table displays the data from the selected time frame.

You can also export the table into a CSV file by clicking on the Export CSV button.

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