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Customer Profitability - How To Use Guide
Customer Profitability - How To Use Guide

Watch these step-by-step videos on how to best use Customer Profitability

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Please note:

  • Currently only available for ConnectWise customers

  • Currently only available for paid customers

  • This is release 1 of profitability, we are planning extra features will be available in future releases



You can navigate to "Customer Profitability" from the left navigation panel.

Field Help Text

You can see explanations for the columns by hovering over the column name, as shown in the short video below.

Dashboard filters

Assigned accounts

You can filter the profitability dashboard with the existing Assigned Accounts "All Accounts."

  • Select "All Accounts" to see the profitability companies for "All Accounts" and just your "Assigned Accounts"


You can filter the data by time range from the options below.

Member cost rate

There are two fields to help you better understand your labour cost rates and how they impact your profitability.

Member cost rate (output field)

This field shows the average member cost rate as entered in your PSA. The profitability data table is calculated on actuals, this field is to provide you an overall understanding of the member cost base.

Override member cost (input field)

This field allows you to input an "override" team member hourly cost rate. Once entered, the data in the table below will recalculate to show the revised results.

Hide companies with no revenue or cost

You might have companies in your PSA which do not have revenue or cost.

To exclude these companies from the data table > click the checkbox "hide companies with no revenue or cost"

Table colour legend

To quickly see which companies are profitable and which ones are running at a loss, we have applied green = profit and red = loss to the column "Profitability $"

Table sorting

You can sort any of the columns by clicking on them.

Table filters

You can utilise all of the table column filters as you are familiar with across BeeCastle as well. The example below shows you how you could filter on "profitability greater than $100,000."

Search within table

The following video shows you how to search within the table to find a specific account. You can search for multiple accounts based, e.g. "Smith" or a specific account "Gerlach."

Export CSV

Like other areas in BeeCastle, you can export this data to a CSV file for further analysis off system.

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