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Roles and Permissions in BeeCastle
Roles and Permissions in BeeCastle

An explanation of the different roles a user can hold in BeeCastle and what they enable

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Roles in BeeCastle represent an additional set of permissions and features that are enabled when a user is given that role. Each user can be allocated multiple roles, with everyone having the 'user' role.

To understand what each role enables, see this table:


Can now...


  • Get a 'manager' focused home page with summary statistics about your team

  • Recieve a monthly team activity email summary

  • Recieve a quarterly ProfitTrack email summary


  • Admin can edit all other users role sets

  • Manage account visibility settings for both email records and financial data

  • Turn on/off recurring meetings sync


  • Upgrade when on trial

  • View, edit or cancel your subscription

  • View historic invoices

If you are an admin, you can edit your users roles by:

  1. going to Settings -> Users and selecting '...' on the relevant user

  2. Selecting 'Change User Roles'

  3. Selecting or de-selecting the roles to get the prefered role set before selecting 'save preferences'

This will save the role changes and that user will now have access to the features that role enables (they require a page refresh!).

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