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How is BeeCastle's Company Tiering calculated?
How is BeeCastle's Company Tiering calculated?

An article that describes how the automated tiering of companies is calculated using ConnectWise data

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When you integrate BeeCastle with ConnectWise, the system allocates your ConnectWise companies to 4 tiers:

  • Platinum (highest importance)

  • Gold

  • Silver

  • Bronze (lowest importance)

Why Tier?

Tiering customers allows your business leaders and account managers to

  • focus their efforts and ensure key customers are not under-serviced

  • Segment your customers and measure how you are engaging each tier of your customers.

For example, most MSPs will have different expectations of proactive engagement like QBRs and account meetings based on the importance of the customers. By allocating customers to tiers in BeeCastle, you can setup segments to measure things like:

  • 'How many of my platinum and gold customers have had a meeting in the last 90 days?'

How does BeeCastle categorise customers into tiers?

To keep it simple, BeeCastle allocates a companies tier based on the revenue they generate.

When BeeCastle first imports you companies from ConnectWise, we do a point-in-time allocation of tiering based on based on agreement revenue over the last 90 days.

Once ranked, we allocate:

  • Companies that contribute the top 45% of your agreement revenue are your Platinum accounts

  • Companies that contribute the next 35% of your agreement revenue are your Gold accounts

  • Companies that contribute the next 10% of your agreement revenue are your Silver accounts

  • And the remainder is set as Bronze.

Can I edit or use a different tiering?

If you use a different criteria like total revenue or profit contribution, you can always manually edit the companies tiering in BeeCastle to align to your method.

To manually edit the tiering, go to and edit the 'Tiering' column for the companies that do not match your tiering method. For more details on how to edit companies, see this help article.

What if I would like to re-run this tiering regularly?

Typically, MSPs have a regular schedule for reviewing their schedule, whether that be quarterly, half yearly, or yearly.

To align to this effort, BeeCastle can run the point-in-time sync for you to reset the Tiering at any time. To do this, email your request to and BeeCastle Account Managers will initiate the sync for you.

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