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Excluding internal domains from Suggested Contacts
Excluding internal domains from Suggested Contacts

How to exclude particular email address domains from your suggested contacts

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When you integrate your Microsoft 365 account, BeeCastle suggests contacts based on who you've recently interacted with. The suggested contacts feature is a great way to stay on top of your contact data, by making it easy to quickly add people who may be missing from BeeCastle.

Suggested contacts can be found at the top of your Contacts page or by visiting

Excluding domains from your Suggested Contacts

Your suggested contact list will automatically exclude contacts with domains that match other users in the system (users with the same email domain as you).

If you want to exclude another email address domain from your suggested contacts, at least one user has to have that domain. If you don't want to invite a suer with the domain, you can add an email address using Profile Editor.

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Select Profile (first option under My Account)

  3. Click the pen/edit icon in Contact Details (see image attached)

4. Add an email address with the domain you want to exclude. This can be a fake email address if you don’t want that email address’ emails/calendar events to be assigned your name in BeeCastle.

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