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Managing visibility of email and calendar subject lines
Managing visibility of email and calendar subject lines

If you have sensitive data in your email or calendar subject lines use this setting to reduce visibility to non-admin users

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As a manager or account admin, there may be specific communication with some of your contacts that you do not want all users to see. While email content is not displayed in BeeCastle, you may want to hide the subject lines from non-admin users.

By default, users and admins will be able to see the subject lines of all interactions in BeeCastle.

How to change subject line visibility settings

If you are an admin for your BeeCastle account, you will be able to select Settings -> Interaction Descriptions. On that page, select 'Hide interaction descriptions' and save preferences.

Once saved, any non-admin user will only be able to see the subject line of emails, meetings and calls that they are attached to.

What this looks like for admins

As an account admin, you can see all subject lines, even if you didn’t attend the meeting.

What this looks like for non-admins

Users do not see the subject line of interactions they are not attached to. Instead, they see placeholder text displaying which contacts are attached to that interaction.

Users will see the full subject line for interactions they are attached to. Users will still see an interaction they are not attached to took place.

How do I become an account admin?

To configure who in your account is allocated an admin role, your current admin can get in touch with your dedicated BeeCastle account manager.

Alternatively you can email or call 1300 233 227 to talk to a BeeCastle expert.

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