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BeeCastle Outlook Add-in
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Access BeeCastle from within Outlook through our BeeCastle Outlook Add-in. BeeCastle makes it easier than ever to keep up to date and keep track of your contacts when you add the Outlook Add-in to your Outlook instance. For every email you receive, the BeeCastle add-in will show all the attendees, both from your team and theirs - you can then directly open their BeeCastle profile and relationship history.

How to install the Outlook Add-in

From the Outlook Web App

1. On the Outlook web app select any email

2. Select 'More Actions' (the three dots at the top-right of your open email)

3. Select 'Get Add-ins' and search 'BeeCastle' in the search bar

4. Add BeeCastle as an add-in

5. Pin BeeCastle so you can easily access insights from any email

From the Microsoft Outlook App

1. On the Outlook App select 'Get Add-ins'

2. Search 'beeCastle in the search bar and download

Ways to use the Outlook Add-in

As part of our first release of Outlook Add-ins, users can now keep track of and access BeeCastle contacts directly from Outlook in a number of ways. For example:

1. Manage & add contacts while reading e-mails

By adding contacts from directly from your emails, you can easily extract a new contact's information such as the company they work for, role and email address.

2. View your existing contacts' dashboards

Get some context by opening up an existing contact's BeeCastle profile. Whether you are being introduced by a colleague to a client, or you want to see your interaction history and notes with an existing client, you can now easily do this from your Outlook inbox! Simply click on the contact to view their BeeCastle profile

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