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Rate and review your interactions
Rate and review your interactions

Quickly rate & share notes post-meeting to ensure you capture context

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A key trait of businesses who build strong relationships with clients is effective coordination. You can build stronger and more resilient connections with companies when conversations are seamless across people & you develop multiple strong points of contact. Key to doing this is information sharing - sharing notes.

Every user who is an attendee, Every meeting, call & email in BeeCastle, you can:

  • Rate how the meeting went based on 1 to 5 stars: this is to give a quick indication of the sentiment & result of the meeting to your team

  • Write a quick note about the outcomes or insights from the meeting. This is then accessible by everyone so they understand the context next time they meet with that person.

BeeCastle facilitates this by:

  1. Making it easier to quickly capture ratings & notes post a meeting via real time BeeCastle app notifications and our end of day email allowing you to add notes to all your meetings for that day

2. Sharing that note with other users who attended that meeting - making sure you are on the same page

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