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Adding BeeCastle to Teams
How to add BeeCastle to Teams
How to add BeeCastle to Teams

Access BeeCastle’s insights directly within Teams

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BeeCastle is a platform built for Microsoft, best suited for teams who work within Office and Teams. Integrate BeeCastle deeper with your Office 365 by adding the BeeCastle app in Teams! With BeeCastle integrated, you can access BeeCastle’s insights directly within Teams.

There are two different ways you can add BeeCastle to Microsoft Teams:

  1. As a 'Teams Tab' - add BeeCastle dashboards as a tab in one of your teams or channels. This means everyone in that team/channel gets the same view/dashboard when they open the tab.

  2. As a personal app on your sidebar (in beta) - for the indvidual users, add BeeCastle as a seperate sidebar item and access your personal instance of BeeCastle within teams.

This article will show you how to enable both options.

1. How to add BeeCastle as a tab on your Teams/Channels

To add BeeCastle to your Teams platform, follow these steps:

1. Add a tab and search and select the "BeeCastle" app

2. Sign in with your BeeCastle log in

3. Authorise Teams access

Your BeeCastle is now set up in Teams! Add a tab to get started.

With the BeeCastle app on Teams, you can easily add new BeeCastle Tabs to each of your channels so that our powerful dashboards are always at hand. 

1. Add a tab that shows the Segments dashboard. Add Segments that are shared with the team to view analytics around companies in your Segments.

2. Add a company dashboard to get all of your relationship history and relationship scoring with a particular company.

3. Add a contact dashboard to have full team visibility of your relationship history with a specific person.

2. How to add your BeeCastle as a personal app in your sidebar (in beta)

The above method is great for sharing a specific dashboard with the team so you are all on the same page reviewing the same data.

However, if your team want to access their own personal version of BeeCastle within Teams then this option is for your organisation. By adding BeeCastle as a personal app, your team will get access to all of the same data, views and features that you get when you log-in directly to

For now, this feature is in Beta and is not available in the public Teams App store. If you would like to add the Teams personal app to your organisation, please get in contact with your account manager at and they will provide the required application files.

Once you have the application files, all you need to do to make it accessible is:

  • Publish the application as an approved customer app in your organisations Microsoft Teams app store. Follow the instructions from Microsoft here.

  • If you would like to 'pin' the app for your team or a specific group so it shows automatically in their sidebar, follow the instructions from Microsoft here

  • If you would like to restrict access to the personal app for a specific group/team, follow the instructions from Microsoft here.

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