If your organisation has configured Azure Active Directory to disallow 3rd party applications, or require admin approval for 3rd party applications, one of the Azure account administrators will need to provide approval to install the app. To do this, your admin will need to:

  1. Visit https://app.beecastle.com/admin-365-setup and submit your Microsoft Tenant ID – this will kick off a process where your admin will authenticate with Microsoft and approve a list of permissions that the BeeCastle system requires.

  2. Once completed, BeeCastle will now show up in your list of Enterprise Applications within AzureActive Directory (AAD) in Azure.

  3. Select the BeeCastle application in AAD and toggle:

  • Manage > Properties > Enabled to allow users to sign-in

  • If "User assignment required" in this screen is enabled, then individual users or groups that need access will need to be added via the Users and groups menu.

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