How to log a call

Easy ways to log calls on BeeCastle

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At BeeCastle, automation of logging emails, calendar events and calls are paramount to minimising administrative time and maximising the time allocated to actually understanding and nurturing your relationships. For users with  Office 365 integrated, emails and calendar invites will automatically integrate with your BeeCastle account, requiring no manual logging.  However, at the moment calls are not automatically logged into your records. To learn about logging calls, keep reading. 

To log your calls, either:

  • Manually log each call (this can be done from the iOS App or the online website) or

  • Call directly from your iOS BeeCastle App. Select who you want to call from your “Contacts” list (see image below). This will automatically log your call in BeeCastle without you having to remember to go back and manually log the call. 

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